Modern fire suppression can be a tricky business–most computers will be potentially damaged by conventional fire-treatment methods. Thus, even a small fire can wipe out the servers for an entire company. This happened to an associate of mine–it was right before I resolved to fire-proof my computer room.

Now, I have the right Fire Suppression materials to treat any server room fire. I have an air conditioner to regulate the temperature, and reduce the risk of fires caused by overheating. All of this fit within my business budget–I was surprised.


I’m no fire suppression expert–I found the information I needed online. I also used the Internet to find the perfect product for all of my needs. Now, I can rest assured that I am protected from the inevitable fires that occur in computer rooms.

Don’t Risk it All–Find an Automatic Fire Suppression System

My fire suppression system works when I’m not there–this is crucial. Fires can happen at any time–day or night. A fire extinguisher won’t be useful if there’s no one around to operate it.

I found a moderately priced system that automatically detects fire. It then fills the air with a fire-fighting chemical that isn’t harmful to computers. There’s no messy residue, either–I just ventilate the room, and get back to work.

I feel like a master of knowledge when it comes to picking the right fire system for my computers. It’s all because I took a moment to get information online–that was smart. Anyone can do this.

Fire Suppression Is a Serious Matter

Times have certainly changed since we used to throw all of our business computers under the sprinkler system. That reminds me of another great feature–my fire protection system works with my sprinkler system. I didn’t have to tear the whole thing out, just to save my computer room.

Take a tip from me–find out all you can about various fire extinguisher systems. The days of using environmentally-unsound Halon are over. I’m glad I can go to sleep at night knowing I won’t wake up to a burned-down business.