A safety manual is intended to provide workers in the fields of construction, engineering, and building a basic guideline to follow in order to ensure their safety in the workplace. Whenever heavy equipment, electrical materials such as live wires, and people come together, there is always the potential for an accident, which could be minor or catastrophic. It is essential that workers are properly trained in injury prevention, as well as given a clear plan of action to use should an injury or accident occur.


There are many different ways you can approach the task of implementing a safety plan in your workplace, with the Safety Manual being just one vital piece of the puzzle. There are also educational videos, handbooks, training workshops and more. It is imperative that any person who is going to be working in a high danger zone area, such as a construction site, receive the proper construction safety training.

The OSHA Safety Manual

OSHA has a safety manual that can be downloaded directly from the Internet, covering the many important issues that workers face while on the job. This manual covers: Health and Safety Procedures, Risk Assessment Forms and Instructions, Health and Safety Policies, Requisite Forms, Codes of Practice, Employee Guides, and Hazard Tables. The information contained in the the OSHA manual is up-to-date and of the highest quality.

No workplace should be without such an informative safety manual. Various segments of this manual can also be copied so as to provide every worker with his or her own manual to take home and study. Implementing the regulations set by OSHA will keep your workers safe, and your company from being fined for violations.

Statistics show that 90%of all small businesses are not in compliance with OSHA’s guidelines for safety in the workplace. Fines for serious violations are set at $7,000.00, with the amount reaching as high as $70,000.00 for willful violations. For these reasons alone, it is necessary that you are not only aware of OSHA’s regulations and guidelines, but that you enforce them on the job site.

The Mission Of OSHA

OSHA has one mission, which is to protect America’s workers by setting and enforcing safety standards. This goal is obtained through hands-on training, outreach, and education for companies and their employees. Educational materials include safety manuals, workbooks, videos, and risk assessment questionnaires.

OSHA has about 2,100 inspectors, in addition to complaint investigators, physicians, educators, engineers, and other technical and support personnel throughout the country. There are roughly 200 offices that span the United States, with each office striving to provide assistance and consultation programs to companies and workers. Safety in the workplace is a priority, as the lives of workers are in serious jeopardy without it.

Please read through the pages of this safety guide to learn more about steps you can take to make your work environment safer and up to code with OSHA’s ever-changing regulations. Topics touched upon will include safety training, injury prevention, OSHA compliance, and safety and health education. For more information about OSHA and safety in the workplace, please visit our recommended site by clicking on the link on each page.