A Guide On Buying An Air Cylinder. When buying an air cylinder there are many details to consider, with all of them being important in their own way.

If you are unaware of what goes into the buying process you may end up with a unit that does not suit your wants and needs.

Although there is a lot to think about, the buying process is not nearly as hard as some people believe. Before you do anything, you should know that an air cylinder is also known by many other names including pneumatic cylinder and pneumatic air canon.


What are they for?

Of course, buying an air cylinder does not make any sense unless you know that you need one. From the start, you should know that this is a mechanical device that is powered by compressed gas (air) and is meant to produce force.

By converting the potential energy of compressed air into kinetic energy, the desired result is achieved. Being up to date on current compressed air safety regulations is very important before operating this type of equipment.


There are many types to choose from. For many, this makes buying even more complicated.

Some of the most common options include single acting cylinders, double acting cylinders, rotary air cylinders, and rodless air cylinders. Along with this, air cylinders are available in many sizes. On the small end you will find 2.5 mm cylinders.

These are often times used for small jobs, such as picking up a light electric component. On the large end of the scale are 400 mm cylinders. Believe it or not, these are high pressure cylinders that have enough power to lift a vehicle.

Where to Buy

For many, the most difficult part of finding and buying an air cylinder is deciding which company to buy from. There are many manufacturers, such as Bimba and SMC, which have become very popular.

While both of them have a lot to offer, at some point you need to decide which one has exactly what you are looking for. If you have experience buying you may already know which manufacturer will work best for you and the work that you are going to put it through.

Buying can be done in many ways, including online. Most manufacturers offer plenty of online information, making it easy for consumers to see what they offer and in some cases how much they will have to pay.

Shopping online makes it easy to purchase the model that is best for you and the task at hand. Do not let all of this information scare you away from the buying process.

Although there is a lot to think about when buying an air cylinder, if you know what they are, the types, and where to buy, you should not have any issues finding exactly what you are looking for. All of these details should go a long way in helping you out.