Bolts And Nuts: Find and Buying Guides for Industrial Needs. Bolts and nuts are responsible for holding together most of the objects we use in our daily lives.

Think about all the appliances, furniture, etc. that you use on a regular basis–all are held together by a variety of fasteners, both American and metric. Bolts and nuts are also a staple in most industries; from construction sites, to boat yards, to power plants, these products can be found in abundance.

Visit any online or local hardware shop and you’ll be sure to find Bolts And Nuts offered in a variety of styles and materials. U.S. fasteners can be manufactured in brass, bronze, zinc, stainless steel, and galvanized steel, among others. Metric fasteners generally are sold in either stainless steel and grade steel.


Bolts And Nuts: U.S. Versus Metric

As aforementioned, U.S. bolts and nuts come in a variety of different materials, while metric fasteners find themselves confined to steel products only. This isn’t such a bad deal, considering stainless steel 18-8 (U.S.) and stainless A-2 (metric) have quickly been replacing brass fasteners in an array of exterior applications, such as boat building and restoration.

Another feature that sets U.S. and metric bolts and nuts apart is measurement. U.S. fasteners are measured in inches, while their metric counterparts are gauged in millimeters. Why are metric fasteners even needed in the U.S.? Because many overseas companies have American plants that use the metric system for their products.

Where to Find Bolts And Nuts

If you’re shopping for bolts and nuts, online and local mega-store or neighborhood shops are your best bet. All generally carry a healthy supply of various fasteners. It’s a good idea to know ahead of time what type of products you’re in the market for. Most applications require a specific design and size, so assessing your measurements helps your salesman.

If you’re like many of us, and don’t know the difference between fender washers and lock washers, then it’s recommended you email or call a hardware company for help. They’re experts when it comes to items like grade 5 bolts and wood screws, and can help you make the right choice. It could save you time, hassle, and cash.

Buying Bolts And Nuts Online

As the Internet has exploded, so have online fastener distributors. These companies are devoted to selling to customers, both large and small, however there is one important thing to keep in mind before settling on a particular site: customer service. Therefore, in order to be in business with a company for years to come, it’s suggested that you perform research, not only on prices, but customer care as well.

The Web provides plenty of options which is an advantage to the consumer; however, picking a company that puts its customers first can sometimes be challenging. That’s why, even if you’re in the market for something as simple as bolts and nuts, it’s always a reward to find someone who is genuinely interested in your satisfaction.