Not a lot of people get really excited about industrial pallet racks. However, there’s a lot to talk about in the pallet world. For example, which do you prefer, plastic pallets or wood pallets? Wood is the original, but many uses scream out for plastic pallet racks.


There are many different places to get pallets, at many different prices. It is important that you take some time to assess your options so you can make a solid decision on the best pallets for your needs.

There’s nothing wrong with a plastic industrial pallet. Plastic pallets are often lighter than wood, they won’t give your workers splinters, and they can carry the weight just as well as a wood pallet. But plastic pallets have one problem you don’t see with wood. Plastic pallets creep.

It’s the nature of plastic that if something very, very heavy is put on them, they won’t entirely maintain their shape. Now if your pallet is sitting on the floor, this may not be a problem. The issue arises with your plastic pallet when you put it in an industrial pallet rack.

The immense weight on a plastic pallet suspended in a rack tends not to work. The pallet tends to bend, which will either warp the pallet rack, or eventually cause the pallet to un-rack, which could be a major disaster. However, there are plastic pallets fortified with metal, made specifically for racking, that avoid this problem entirely.